Illustrated Papier Mache Picture - Jungle Scene
Jungle Scene - Close-up
Jungle Scene Detail - Toucans
Jungle Scene Detail - Sloths, Hyacinth Macaws and Margay
Jungle Scene - Frame Detail - Paper Orchids, Tree Frog and Beetle
Jungle Scene - Jaguar and Anteater
Illustrated Papier Mache Picture - Reef Detail
Papier Mache Underwater Reef Scene
Underwater Scene - Base and Frame Before the Fish were Added.
Papier Mache Reef Fish
Coral Reef close-up
Illustrated Papier Mache Picture - Noah's Ark
The Making Process Revealed - Sketching
The Making Process Revealed - Carving the Details
The Making Process Revealed -the  Finished Base
The making Proicess Revealed - The Carved Animals Waiting to be Attached
The Making Process Revealed - The Finished Ark
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